Una historia de ardillas…

Levisa Callizo (3ºESO) comparte este relato de contenido medioambiental.

Levisa Callizo

Enhorabuena a la autora y a su tutora, Agueda García.

Mike and Sullivan are two squirrels who are friends.
Mike lives in a forest near the city, every autumn he goes to a forest far from the city to visit Sullivan and gets some good healthy food to survive during the winter.


Sullivan- “ Hi Mike, how are you? I´m glad to see you again.”
Mike- “Hi! I´m glad to see you too! I´ve come again to see you because I miss you”.
Sullivan- “Oh Mike I miss you too! This year you´re going to pick up better nuts because the humans have closed the nuclear power plant. Now they use wind turbines far from the city because they are very noisy.”
Mike- “Oh that´s great! I want to live like you, you´re very lucky, in your forest there are oaks, ashes… all kind of trees and bushes too. All the animals are happy here because there isn´t any pollution, they can breath clean air and eat healthy delicious food.”
Sullivan– “Yes, I agree with you, I´m very lucky. You´ve told me that in your forest there are only a few pines and spruces. Pollution is very near your forest because humans have cut a lot of trees for timber, people have built factories and for this reason your food isn´t as healthy as ours. Take my advice, come to live with me and you will be happier.”
Mike- “Ok Sullivan, I´ll do that. Let´s celebrate with some nuts!”