The Environment!

Irene Molina (3º ESO) wrote this essay about one of the topics of the year. Don´t be lazy and read it because it is awesome!

The Environment is the totality of the natural world (often excluding humans).

92eee865b152d64c9e26296d494ace8aIt’s not only the space where life is developed, but also the living-things which live in it, the water, the air…
We, as humans, are forgetting how important the environment is, we’re forgetting we have to protect it. And yes, it’s important to live the present and “don’t-worry” so much about the future, but we can’t act as if we were the only generation that’s going to live on the Earth.

For example, if you go hiking in the mountains and you throw a can to the ground (and nobody picks it up) that can is going to stay in that place for almost 100 years, ´till it degrades. Throughout that time, this can can do harm, for example making an animal choke.
We’re forgetting that, by protecting the environment we’re protecting ourselves.
For example, we use hair-spray to look pretty without really thinking that we’re destroying the Ozone Layer.
Why should I care about the Ozone Layer? (Some people may think…) well, this layer absorbs (so, it doesn’t penetrate the Earth) the UV radiation, which is really important because it causes skin cancer.

Another example: if we use the car excessively, we’re creating large amounts of CO2 gases, which increase the Greenhouse Effect. Why this effect is so important? Well, this increase would cause global warming, which means that the poles would melt, making the water level to rise. These phenomena could cause that people whose houses were near the shore lost their homes, and also, due to the melting of the poles many animals would lose their habitats, which would mean the extinction of many species.

This is why I think we (all humans) should start protecting the environment, because our lives depend on the environment.


My comment

CongratuIations to her teacher Ester Sanchez; I absolutely agree with this extraordinary essay.  Congratulations for the lovely mixture of informal writing and scientific knowledge!                                        I mean, it reads as if you were energetically speaking!