Geography makes History

Early inhabitants walked on these same rocks and used them for their art and ceremonies, for their daily lives, to start a fire and grind the cereal.

Thousands of years later, the people living in these valleys also  built their houses with the local stone,  carved the enormous grinding-stones for bigger mills, and erected the churches where the old idols found a resting place.

Imagine the monks are singing the music written on the huge book, the sound of notes climbing up and along the walls…  and a then, one year,  an artisan produced a  statue out of a tree, carved the wood,  found inside the image of the new idol, so beautiful and moving that you can´t help feeling the 9-century-long  connection with the sufferer´s feeling.

Out in the woods, again and  there is another haunting image: a forest is what we see on the surface and also what we cannot see underground. What we see up has an inverted image below formed by the roots. Trees help one another through their root-system.

And still, they need  fungi, there would be no forest without the help they give each other. An individual organism can be as big as the forest on top and that´s what makes me think that we don´t know much about the amazing things that surround us.

Trees help each other. Trees and fungi help one another. During this outdoors lesson we can learn some Mutualism.

Music by John Lee Hooker: The Healer.

Words by Ester Conrat