Clara Galtier de 1º ESO  wrote about the plan of the two-day activity  included in the Biodiversity Project.

This is an objective chronological description of the events but don´t miss the video, soon coming!

We went to Hecho Valley on May, 21st and 22nd.
When we arrived at Siresa, we saw the village. Later, we went to the church.
Then, we went to a camping-site and ate a sandwich and we had spare time.
Then, we had a lesson about plants.                                                                  Next, the group was divided in two parts, and while one group cleaned the pavillion, the other went watching and studying plants and trees outdoors.

Later that day, we went for a walk and we watched other plants out in the woods.


When we came back to the camping place, we again had spare time to play. Then we had dinner together, pasta with tomato and chicken with fried potatoes.

After dinner, we tried to make fire but we didn´t manage and we went to sleep.

Next day, we woke up, tidied up and went to the café to have breakfast. After that, we had a second lesson on plants.
Finally, we went to an adventure park and climbed trees… we practiced “canopy-ing” and I loved it.


And, well, eventually we came back in Jaca.

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